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Celebrating Top 15 Young Geeks

With so many brilliant minds within the South Africa digital ecosystem, Geekulcha honors Top 15 Young Geeks in the country.

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Top 15 Young Geeks




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  • Preparing tomorrow today, the Future GeekStars programme is a Geekulcha school Innovation initiative. Aimed at grooming future geeks and leaders of the Science and Technology industry through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

    • Career Alignment
    • Hands-on training on hardware and software skills
    • Grow Innovation and Entrepreneurship skills capacity
    • Localization and Digitalization of the economy
    • Leadership skills

    • VacWork Programme
    • Community Outreach
    • Mentorship
  • Geeks live and breathe Tech - they are the makers of solutions that changes the world. Geekulcha got you covered by creating and enabling more platforms for Programmers to munch on the code.

    • Growing the skills capacity
    • Keeping the leisure and momentum high
    • Profiling and exposing talent
    • Growing the sharing spirit
    • Exploring and using new Tech

    • Trainings
    • Hackathons
    • Peer learning

    More Info: dev@geekulcha.com
  • With so may problems in our societies, we can count on capable, strong and supported Entrepreneurs. We champion the growth of Tech startups and helping local Entrepreneurs flourish in the Digital age.

    • Stimulating a vibrant ecosystem of Entrepreneurship
    • Profiling to gain traction and customers
    • Connecting to opportunities
    • Digital tools for entrepreneurs
    • Scale-to-market

    • Hackathons
    • Trainings/Workshops
    • Bootcamps
  • The world is growing along the digital line in different forms, it's critical to curate the world in order to communicate the message much better. Designers play a critical role in our society and must be given the platform to shine.

    • Creating a high demand for designers
    • Profiling the work of young designers
    • Connecting to opportunities
    • Exploring and putting new tools to work
    • Availing capacity for work

    • Hackathons
    • Trainings/Workshops
    • Micro Work

    More Info: www.dsruppt.co.za
  • Gamers make our world a better place and help pass time and it's a better day. The South African gaming ecosystem still need elevation and we give the necessary support to the game developers.

    • Cultivating more game developers
    • Championing the Gaming commercialization
    • Connecting to opportunities and the network
    • Exploring and putting new tools to work
    • Development of games that educate

    • Festivals
    • Trainings/Workshops
    • Game Jams
  • Raeketsetsa is a Geekulcha movement that empowers and attract females into the world of ICT, giving them the confidence to pursue ICT studies, career and their daily lives.

    • Building female leadership in ICT
    • Confidence building
    • Profiling females work/projects
    • Career development and alignment
    • Gender balanced employment

    • Girls in ICT days
    • Trainings/Workshops
    • Girl Coding Campus
  • Founded in 2014, Geekulcha Makers is part of the Geekulcha Research and Development portfolio aimed at giving a platform for electronics students to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use.

    • Growing the South South African Maker ecosystem
    • Exploring and using new tools
    • Connecting Makers
    • Profiling the work
    • Commercialization strategies

    • Makerthons
    • Festivals
    • Meet-ups
  • Online presence is critical for any organization and for the civilization. The way knowledge is shared, how communication takes place and how we consume information has become even more digitally inclined.

    • Cultivating and growing the ecosystem of Online Creatives
    • Building a Digital footprint
    • Reaching out and interacting with the community
    • Enabling more Tech writers
    • Sharing critical content

    • Social Media
    • Online outreach
    • Blogging

    More Info: www.dsruppt.co.za
  • The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is intended for students and led by students at different universities, the initiative is intended to grow Tech leaders of tomorrow by growing capacity, enlightenment and drive social cohesion.

    • Growing a Geek Culture on campus
    • Exploring and using new tools
    • Skills development
    • Preparing leaders of the industry
    • Faces of Geekulcha at campus

    • Leadership
    • Mentorship
    • hackathons

Tech Facts

The Story Behind Geekulcha

A familiar face at meet-ups for tech entrepreneurs all over Guateng, the idea for Geekulcha came about when Fortune realised the same atmosphere of innovation, inspiration and collaboration around technology was missing from campus life.

Where young people should have been meeting, coding and hacking their way to stellar careers, rote learning an poor teaching quality were the order of the day.


The seed for Geekulcha was probably the INNOvatorz.IT Facebook page Ngoveni created for TUT students. The page became a communal space where where people posted about their IT problems and found answers.

From a few members at TUT, the page grew to over a thousand active members across the country and now has over 3 000 members.

Tech Central

9 000 Members

8 Universities

7 initiatives

12 Hackathons