Hack-a-thon (Hackathon)

A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development for social and economical impact.

In a year, Geekulcha hosts over 10 Hackathons

GKHack17 SafeHack SS17Hack NCDevHack 2017 RHoK Joburg



Why Hackathons?

Geekulcha recognizes and champions hackathons as one of the radical means to grow skills onto the youth and fuel Digital Innovation. Hackathons provide a space for Techies to Walk the Talk.

Social Cohesion is critical and we need to unite African developers in ecosystems and platfroms such as these. We need to encourage peer-learning and embrace the power of the Collaborative Digital Economy.

Skills Development

Learn new technologies while implenting real solutions at the hackathon with like-minded people.


Based on theme or a technological focus, hackathon participants are always tasked to come up with innovative solutions.


Solutions (apps, IoT systems, graphical deseigns) are implemented, there is a business case need during the hackathon


The Geeks and Innovators Assembly

...social heroes for change!

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Collaborative Digital Economy

Biggest hackathon in the country bringing Geeks from all over the country. The hackathon is championed with #HireGeeks message and brings breeding and scouting platform for skills needed by the industry.

Date: 30 - 02 July

Time: 18:00 Friday - 15:00 Sunday

Venue: Johannesburg

NCDev Hackathon

Digital Footprint

Building a digital footprint in the Northern Cape.

Date: September

Time: 18:00 Friday - 15:00 Sunday

Venue: Kimberley

RHOK Joburg

Social Digital Innovation

Random Hacks of Kindness is a hackathon for social good that brings together volunteer developers and tech-savvy do-gooders to work with charities, community groups and social enterprises.

Date: 03 - 04 June

Time: 09:00 Saturday - 15:00 Sunday

Venue: UNISA Florida Campus