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Geekulcha provides a platfrom for techies and industry leaders to connect with South African Geeks.


A range of tech activities are tailored towards developmental needs of skills and careers.


Redistribution of skills is encouraged and elevated to help the community grow, ogether.

It's a community of Geeks

The Geek Culture In Numbers

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Whose Culture Is It Anyway?

Starting Them Young: Building excitation and enlightenment onto young minds from high school. Geekulcha guards tomorrow's Geek Culture.

Tertiary - Student Growth: Academic excellence through tech and innovation leadership on campus. The GKSS initiative also builds Tech and Innovation leadership capacity.

Young Professionals: Development onto one's career and getting exposed to opportuinities. The programmes exposes techies to technologies and industry leaders.

Marginalised Communities: People from low-income, the elderly, women & girls, people living with disabilities, rural/remote areas and historical marginalised.

Tech Events

Here are the tech events you can participate for growth and development

  • Fri, 29 Sep 2023 16:00PM
    Geekulcha Annual Hackathon

    The Geekulcha Annual Hackathon is a premier hackathon in the African continent challenging developers, digital practitioners, data enthusiasts, economic policymakers, and others to create solutions...

  • Wed, 23 Aug 2023 09:00AM
    PSI Hackathon 2023

    The Public Sector Innovation Hackathon will enable the creation and implementation of new service delivery solutions (systems, processes, methods, models, products and services) resulting in signif...

  • Thu, 01 Jun 2023 08:00AM
    Top 15 Young Geeks 2023

    The role of Geekulcha in this journey is to create and enable platforms for Innovation and Creativity. In this regard, the organization also seek to showcase the shifts and health of the South Africa...

  • Tue, 25 Apr 2023 17:00PM
    Startup Huddle Gaming Economics

    Startup Huddle is a program designed to help one startup at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs discover solutions to the challenges they face through purposeful engagement w...

  • Wed, 22 Feb 2023 09:00AM
    Northern Cape VacWork - Springbok

    The week-long programme provides a simulated or real-working environment for youth in the province to acquire working experience in the ICT scene while building their own technological startups.

Who we work with

Geekulcha has a global footprint and serve both local and international organisations

  • The Presidency
  • FCDO
  • CPSI
  • GIZ
  • IBM
  • UJ
  • MTN
  • RS South Africa
  • Telkom
  • Microsoft
  • HERE Technologies
  • Paystack

Support The Ecosystem

Born out of a Facebook Group (INNOvatorz.IT), Geekulcha seeks to build a strong Geek Culture in South Africa to realize a state of more Producers than Consumers. Geekulcha champions these aspects:

  • Tech Excitation: Geekulcha has a variety of localized tech programmes for the digital emancitipation

  • Geeks Thoughts: Young Geeks have a platform to share their thoughts, discover and be discovered in the industry

  • Young Talent: Enabling and nurturing young talent to be the next best in tech industry

The Geek Culture For You

Although the organization is limited with resources, various ways are made to help local Geeks and industry be part of the Geekulcha platform including:
Community Member: Staying up to date with the shifts of the industry and opportuinities
Lead Geekulcha on Campus: Be part of the GKSS structures on campus
Provincial Champion: Represent Geekulcha at your own province
Mentor: Support local Geeks with their growth paths
Future GeekStar: School learners can become scholars through the VacWork programme

We have the Future GeekStars initiative which is used as a platform to monitor the progression of learners from high school to tertiary level and then to the job market so that the transition is made easy.

The main focus is on skills development and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation that will make them be active leaders of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

School learners may be registered for the holiday VacWork programme.

Geekulcha was primary created for university students and still has a key focus on them hence the organization leverages on academic partnerships to create and enable more opportuinities for students.

Students at universities can take part of these programmes:

Student Leadership on campus (GKSS)
Hackathons and Mapathons
Student VacWork Programme

In most cases, Geekulcha crew would be busy with other projects and as such, we owuld refer you to a developer in the community.

From time to time we host the programmes in the townships. Digital Literacy programmes or trainings are set fr rural and remote areas.

Latest on the Geekulcha Newsflash

Stories of the Geek Culture on the ground, do read and stay updated.

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Geekulcha In The News

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Panellist participating in a webinar this week agreed digital literacy and problem-solving skills are essential attributes to future-proof a career in IT, with an IT degree no longer being as importan...
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