What is Geekulcha About?

Writing on the wall: Geekulcha [Geek + Culture] builds a culture of Geeks

Shaping the ICT Scene in South Africa

Geekulcha is where the young, skilled, creative and ambitious tech minds meet to connect with each other, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, network with industry leaders, obtain training to further improve and enhance their skills and to put that newly acquired skill to work. The platform has over 11 200 techies and innovators across Africa.

Established 15 March 2013, our focus is on empowering young geeks through ICT skills development and training while giving them a taste of what awaits them in the big world through industry exposure.

A Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the South African tech ecosystem is competitive and as the build cool technological solutions, there is an element of sustainability as much as possible.

Skills Development and Industrial Exposure

All Geekulcha programmes are curated with the intention of building skills capacity in the tech/digital ecosystem with the these aspects: Realization, Acquirement, Development, Redistribution and Utilization.

Ultimate goal is to help the young Geeks/Innovators with skills for employment and/or Innovation development. Geekulcha provides variety of platforms and events for growth while being exposed to the corporate world.

All Geekulcha events are free for the audience in target. One may keep up with the Geekulcha Events to be up-todate.

Tech Consumption, Emancitipation and Forecasting

South Africa needs to be competitive with the rest of the world but most important, build solutions to help solve a variety of social issues.

Geekulcha has a desire to see a state of more Producers than Consumers, therefore champions tech development in all spheres of ICT, and connects and enables young talent with indusry leaders/cooperations.

A lot of the Geekulcha programmes are localized to help shape and adapt to the Digital World by the masses and the future.

Knowledge and Leadership

Geekulcha believes that to achieve a Digital Future we want to see, we must equip the younger generation with the right tools and knowledge to further transform our world. Leadership is required as such.

Through the Geekulcha Student Society, Geekulcha instils and drive Tech and Innovation Leadership on campus. The GKSS Leaders are Geekulcha Ambassadors and drive the Geek Culture on campus, enabling peer-learning, student innovation and an inclusive growth.

The Geekulcha Internship programme is curated as such to build a strong Tech capacity by exposing the young techies to a variety of emerging tools.

Empowerment - #LeaveNoOneBehind

The world is growing smarter and smarter every day and basic digital knowledge is a must. Everyone must be part of this transformation. South African Tech ecosystem remains imbalanced.

Geekulcha is active through the Skills Redistribution model in empowering women, younger generation and disadvantaged parts of South Africa. Digital programmes such as Raeketsetsa, Future GeekStars and the Open Data for Innovation and Smart Citizenship, are curated for addressing the imbalances.

The drive onto Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) is a critical one as to safeguard our future and ensuring that interest and capacity is on top.

Leaders Giving Guidance

These are the individuals who have helped/guided the Geek Culture

Derrick Kotze

CEO, mLab SA

Helped Geekulcha from the begining and guided to vision and structure to what it is

Mclean Sibanda

CEO, The Innovation Hub

Inspired and helped Geekulcha build innovation capacity into its programmes

Linda Swart

Manager: Incubator, Standard Bank

Helped build the Geekulcha online presence by guiding the digital marketing strategy

Nomso Kana

MD, SUN 'n SHIELD Technologies

Helped with industrial revolution and standards alignment for Geekulcha programmes

Rodwyn Grewan

Senior Manager, N. Cape DEDaT

Helped structure ecosystems development and rural STEM programmes

Steve Jump

Information Security, Telkom

A great fan of hackathons, helped better structure GKHack and InfoSec initiatives