#GKSS - Geekulcha Student Society

South Africa has a lot of Tech talent that can help us achieve the digital state we want. We need to help them grow. Geekulcha takes tech leadership onto students on campus.

Intended for students and led by students at universities, the GKSS initiative is intended to grow Tech leaders of tomorrow by growing capacity, enlightenment and drive socio-tech cohesion on campus.

GKSS structures have their own activities independent of Geekulcha and have freedom to raise own funds with the help of the Geekulcha main body.

Vision: To groom of the strongest leaders in the ICT space in South Africa for Innovation, adequate skills Pool and drivers of the growing digitally-enabled world.

Mission: Establishing a highly active Developer/Maker Ecosystem in the university for a smart and vibrant community while realizing a socio-economical value.

GKSS Core Activities

Tech Knowledge and Excitation

Through events such as Hackathons and meetups

Industry Leaders and Standards

Bringing industry leaders on campus to inspire

STEM Skills Redistribution

Drive female and high schools programmes

Benefits of the GKSS

Access to Tech Events
Train The Trainer and Internship
Travel Opportunities
Industry Mentorship