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Geekulcha exists to create and enable platforms for Innovation and Creative by igniting a local and continental Geek Culture by exposing African Geeks to the industry for work and collaborative opportunities.

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GKTurns10: Where There Was Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

South Africa has a high rate of startup failures, some start strong and unfortunately the journey is too tough. "Fortune favours the brave" as the saying goes, one is challenged to be brave, embrac...

1 month ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

Tech Enlightenment In Daveyton - Gauteng Youth Expo

South Africa is experiencing so many challenges that includes unemployment and the people in rural and township communities feel the wreath the most. Where are the opportunities?

In a...

1 month ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

Lead Geekulcha On Campus

The Geekulcha Student Society(GKSS) programme was created to help build Student Tech and Innovation on campus. Created in 2015,the very first GKSS chapterwas established at the Sol Plaatje Universi...

2 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

GKSS Richfield College Leader Tackles GBV

A Richfield education offers all students who choose to study any one of our IT courses, with the opportunity to receive more than just a degree or qualification, through our badges and certificati...

2 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

IoT Challenge Ideation In Welkom

SqwidNet launched the second round of its IoT SA University Challenge. The nationwide technology competition is aimed at getting university students to solve real-world challenges using the Interne...

2 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

Geekulcha 2022: We Love It For The Culture

If you look closely, you will see the word "culture" fused on the name Geekulcha - we blame Mixo for that. Geekulcha is a platform that builds, embrace, celebrate and elevate a culture of...

3 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

Ultimate GeekStar Voted For By The Community!

Loadshedding has become synonymous with every day routine in South Africa, has without a doubt, affects our livelihoods and businesses. Despite the many challenges the youth is facing, the Top 15 Y...

4 months ago by Tshegofatso Mhiko