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#GKHack23: Where The Geeks Give A Helping Hand

The year was 2016, mid-Spring and the mood is that of the Geekulcha team in an obsessive mode of a need to create HAVOC. They decided to go play outside and while on the move, a thought to make the...

5 months ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

What The Actual Hack

A hackathon is an event of any duration, usually between 12-72 hours, it's an event where people come together to solve problems. In the context of a hackathon, hacking is the development...

11 months ago by Tshegofatso Mhiko

PowerToActHack: A Weekend To Hack SA 2.0

The Rivonia Circle hosts the Power to Act Hack in collaboration with Geekulcha. The Power to Act Hack is a platform for 100 coders, st...

1 year ago by Tiyani Nghonyama

TADHack Global: TADHack South Africa Winner: Maftuha

(Images by Adela Bootha and Talhah Patelia)

A big thank you to TADHack