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A collaborative Geek Culture

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Geekulcha Collaborative Partners

These are the organizations we work in driving the Geek Culture

Industrial Partners

Geekulcha Government Partners

Academic, Research and Innovation Services

Research and Innovation Services

Governmental Partners

Geekulcha Government Partners

International and Diplomatic

Geekulcha Government Partners

Social Development

Social Development

Media Partners

Geekulcha Government Partners

Being a Geekulcha Partner

Possible value to your organization in collaborating with Geekulcha

* Talent Scouting

Partners may use Geekulcha events/activities to scout talent to hire

* Co-Branding Opportunities

Logos and marketing materials placed on Geekulcha events and media articles

* Tech Products and Services

Partners may bring products and services (e.g APIs) for use at Geekulcha events

* Reports on Programmes

Post-event reports and analysis are sent to Geekulcha partners

* Nurture Tech Talent

Combined efforts in growing the tech skills capacity

Work with Geekulcha in these Ways

As a growing movement, Geekulcha is open for collaboration


Community Drive

The Geek Culture needs to stay strong and vibrant. Partner with us to ensure a greater skills capacity, innovation, leadership and sustainability.


Getting Geeks Hired

Ultimate goal of Geekulcha is exposing young talent to the corporate world for work and collaborative opportunities. You can help accelerate this.


Empowerment and Development

We need more resources (funds, computers, skills capacity) for the high schools, female and rural programmes in empowering the different parts of the community.