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Creating Digital impact since 2013

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An Africa Geek Culture

Momentum and Capacity building the Africa Tech Ecosystem

Cross Country Geek Culture

Since 2013, Geekulcha has worked with Geeks and Makers in Mozambique, Kenya, Swaziland, London, Namibia, etc. The GKHack15 hackathon was co-hosted in Kenya.

The Geek Culture in Higher Places

In 2015, the Geeks were summoned to South African Parliament for the Ani-Xenophophia app developed for the Department of Science and Technology.

Tech Emancitipation

Geekulcha grooms young tech talent in univesities, high schools, rural areas, etc. and has exposed over 6 000 of the a variety of tech.

The Driving Forces

Folks in the forefront of the Geek Culture

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79 Geekulcha Interns Since 2013

39% Female | 8 Business Analysts | 3 Networks | 33 Electronics | 4% FET Colleges

Social Media Following

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9 200


7 025


40 000+


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20 000


Geekulcha Work on the Ground

The Geek Moments in Time

Some of the moments of honour

Geeks Meet Prince Harry

The Geekulcha team got meet, shake hands and exhibit projects to Prince Harry from the UK, 03 December 2015

Mayor of Atlanta (US) Visit #gkVacWork

In April 2016, the Mayor of Atlanta, Hon. Kasim Reed got to meet, view projects and interact with the VacWork scholars

Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

Through the London-based Open Data Institute, Geekulcha ran the African leg of the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge.

Maker Library Network

On behalf of the British Council's ConnectZA, Geekulcha ran the Maker Library Network programme in Gauteng.

Infographics: Geekulcha in Numbers

Since 2013, Geekulcha has done tech activities, events, connected Geeks and a lot more around the world. The following are charts and graphs depicting the Geek Culture in numbers.

We have worked with over 80 organizations and we thank them for the collaboration. Get your organization to work with Geekulcha.

Geekulcha Community Interests

This is what the community want from Geekulcha

Geekulcha Online Presence

The reach online through the platforms

55 000

Website Annual Visits

2 000+

Monthly Blog Vists

40 000+

Reach through Events

18 Million

Interest into #gkVacWork

Impact Made Since 2013

Community-drive Geek Culture on the ground

Focus Areas

Focus areas over the years

The Revolution

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