SkateHacks - Science and Technology Interest Through Skateboarding

SkateHacks is an initiative by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DeDaT) and Geekulcha - Sports Science Workshops and Maker/Developer activities are organized for STEM stimulation.

This in efforts to encourage youngsters to follow Science and Technology careers and be involved in building inclusive social-relevant solutions.

A Science and Technology Initiative Driven By: SkateHacks

Makers Meet Skaters

The following are the Hackathons that Geekulcha is involved driving in the country. Have you attended a Hackathon hosted by Geekulcha before? Let us know of your experience.

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Mathematics and Physics

Applying and verifying mathematical and physics principles

Applications Development

Data visualization applications are built to interface the skateboard

IoT and Web RTC

A set of sensors are hooked into the skateboard to gather data in real-time

Data Science

Building data interest using the sets for decision making

Skateboarding Enhancement

With the data gathered, must be used to improve the game

SkateHacks Activities on the Ground

Events and programmes with the SkateHacks initiative